First Steps

So you've attended a conference or a PD/workshop and are all excited about the things you've seen. Now you're back at school what are you going to do?

For some/many people this becomes a daunting task. It certainly was for me.

This workshop is about how to go about starting to create your own 'e-Learning' environment in YOUR classroom with what YOU HAVE ALREADY GOT!

During this session we will cover:

Programme Abstract

A look into an eLearning classroom - what it looks like; what apps are used; what are some of the practical decisions you need to make before you embark on the journey, in planning your programme, and on a weekly/daily basis; and what you do when the tech fails. Now that you've been inspired by what others are doing - what next? This session will take a look at the process I went through before setting up my eLearning classroom. We'll also look beyond the hype of the tools and talk about the learning process that needs to come first in a successful classroom, eLearning or otherwise.

Download a recorded mini-version of the presentation: ~18 mins long